Although I was exhausted, the excitement of being on African soil totally energized me. Taking out my note pad, I immediately began jotting down notes. I tried to take in as much of this beautiful environment as I could. The one thing that stood out was Mount Kilimanjaro. I had never seen a mountain so dominating as this monolith. For a number of minutes I just stood and stared at this huge mountain with its crown of snow.

In this moment of awe, a very warm feeling filled my heart as I realized I had made the right decision to come here. I was met at the airport by Janari, and held on as the ride into Arusha was as wild as I describe in the book. Soon we pulled into the Outpost Bed and Breakfast and I was able to get some long overdue sleep.

Over the next few days, I tried to get over my jet lag and met David and Joseph, my guide and driver, who would lead my on my expedition. I explained to them I was writing a book and they seemed to be very intrigued and excited about helping me. I had come here with one major objective, and that was to go to Oldavai Gorge. In the back of my mind, however, I hoped that by coming here I would be inspired to create some type of sub-plots to fill out the book.

It didn’t take long for this hope to be fulfilled. After walking around Arusha and talking to a number of the local people, it was obvious that the Masai tribal people had to be a part of my book. They are amazing people to observe. Tall, indigenous, red-robed, with long spears by their sides. To say the least, I was mesmerized by them. My guide David told me he could speak the Masai language and asked me if I would like to go see a man he called a “Liboni”. When I asked him to interpret the word Liboni, he rolled his eyes and whispered “Witchdoctor”. That warm feeling came back into my heart and I could hardly wait to leave early the next morning to met my first Liboni.

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