As my characters began to take shape, I started to focus on what was going to make this book different from a million other love stories. Over the years, the number one problem I heard from my patients was that men usually want sex more often than women…duh! As relationships evolve over the years, children, work schedules, stress and a multitude of other responsibilities usually take their toll on peoples’ sex lives.
So how was I going to help this problem? What information could I give people that could help put a spark into their sex lives and relationships in general? This was it, I knew this is what was going to make or break this book. Thankfully, over the years I’ve learned what I believe to be an absolute truth, and that is…sex is sex, and making love is making love. What I mean by that is simple: anyone can have sex, but to really make love is special. It takes love to make love.
Once again my mind began to weave this concept into the story, and once again it fit perfectly. Sarah and Alec would have to overcome some pretty heavy past emotional baggage to find true love. This was it, the real core of what I was trying to teach people. Love in its truest form can heal us, we just have to trust.
This, however, presented a very interesting dynamic. I realized it would be enlightening to show how women’s and men’s hearts and minds deal with these issues in totally different ways. The story was now starting to get hot, but the icing on the cake was right around the corner.

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