The hut wasn’t very big, about the size of moderate living room. The fire gave off puffs of smoke that created a light haze that made breathing a little difficult. We all sat in a circle to the side of the fire. The Liboni continued to look me over with a very critical, discerning eye. After a few moments he reached over and unhooked what looked like a bull’s horn from a center pole that was holding up the hut. Continue reading

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The morning broke sunny and beautiful, an excellent day to meet a witch doctor. David and Joseph soon pulled up in their Land Cruiser and we were off bounding through the Tanzanian countryside. For a short time we drove on some very bumpy dirt roads, then all of a sudden the roads ended completely. That didn’t stop David, however. We were now driving across open fields, four-wheeling through washed-out gorges. When I inquired how he knew where he was going, he just laughed and said, “The Masai are nomadic, and we are going to drive around ‘til we find them.” Continue reading

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Although I was exhausted, the excitement of being on African soil totally energized me. Taking out my note pad, I immediately began jotting down notes. I tried to take in as much of this beautiful environment as I could. The one thing that stood out was Mount Kilimanjaro. Continue reading

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So now most of the foundation had been laid. I had some characters, a loose outline for a plot, and a great location. My wife, whose support I will mention over and over, agreed I would leave my practice for a sabbatical to write the book. It was time to make it all happen. Soon I had my tickets to Tanzania, and the excitement was building every day. Continue reading

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Throughout many ancient cultures, sex was part of ritual celebrations. In the west, the Puritans and the power of Queen Victoria, not to mention thousands of years of Vatican teaching, packed a huge amount of guilt into the act. Women, because they were considered property of men and under their man’s dominion, were usually not exactly equal partners in many areas of life. Growing up during the wild 1960’s, I feel lucky to have been able to witness an absolute revolution in all aspects of our western culture. Continue reading

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As my characters began to take shape, I started to focus on what was going to make this book different from a million other love stories. Over the years, the number one problem I heard from my patients was that men usually want sex more often than women…duh! As relationships evolve over the years, children, work schedules, stress and a multitude of other responsibilities usually take their toll on peoples’ sex lives. Continue reading

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Another interest in my quest to understand the world around us, has been the work of paleo archaeologists over the last hundred years. The work of Louis and Mary Leakey as they excavated Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania in the late 1950’s was ground breaking in trying to understand how man fit into the evolution of primates. Continue reading

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